I’m New


Dundas Baptist Church is a multigenerational family oriented church community

We‘re glad that you have stopped by to learn what we’re all about.
At DBC we love the picture of the church as a family. Each person, of whatever age, is an extremely important part of the church family. Like any healthy family, there is always room for more people to be a part of the DBC family. Every person is unconditionally loved and accepted. We enjoy what makes us different and celebrate those differences within the safety of the church family.
Many people come to church looking for different things and we are committed to meeting those needs. If you want to get involved quickly the process is simple and straightforward. Or if you are looking for a place to attend while you heal you are welcome to do that too. The church runs on volunteers and the giving of the people who are a part of the DBC family, but there is no pressure to get involved before you are ready.
Each Sunday we offer a nursery program for preschool children. Then part way through the service there is a children’s story at which point the children are invited to go to their Sunday School classes which take place during the second half of the service and are age appropriate and fun for the children to be involved in.